New Year, Same Me

7 hours left until I’m thrown into 2017.

Right now I’m house sitting and I have a super early shift scheduled for the morning. This leaves me in the company of two dogs, nine chickens, four fish and a rabbit. That’s okay with me.

This time, last year, I was drinking way too much and suffering from the emotional pain that was a 3-year-long relationship ending. I didn’t know how I would get through the year. I remembered thinking that 2016 would suck and that I would never feel happy again.

2016 did kind of suck, but some good things happened too. I had to walk away from a job that I loved, but I learned how important it is to listen to my gut and make decisions for my mental well-being. I learned that dating is TOUGH, but you can meet some pretty cool people if you to don’t take it too seriously. I learned that it takes a long time to heal and that it’s okay to not be “okay”. I learned how to help people understand me by opening up about how things make me feel – even if I’m afraid they’ll think I’m nuts.

Honestly, “Marcie is nuts!” should really be some kind of disclaimer.

I often go into the new year with the idea that I’m going to change. I’m going to lose the weight, acquire the skills, make the friends and become a whole new person.

There’s a lot about myself that I would like to change. But this last year has taught me that being… me is perfectly fine.

So. Here’s to 2017. I’m not sure what will happen, but I’m going to keep building on this weird, lumpy, loud, clumsy, and bird-loving foundation that I’ve made for myself.

It’ll do just fine.



2 thoughts on “New Year, Same Me

  1. I like your title for this post. I titled one similarly (“New Year, New Me? Not Hardly!”)

    Now that we’re nearly a month into 2017, I’d love to see if your attitude about it has changed any. I was really hopeful that 2017 wouldn’t suck as hard as 2016 did, but I’m losing hope on a daily basis. I still have aspirations for myself, but it’s gotten hard to stay positive. Still, hashtagblessed to not yet have sunk into my annual SAD (or any Depression at all in almost a year)!


    1. Hi! Glad to get back to you, even if it took almost 3 months! 😛 New post on the way, but 2017 is still full of hope for me after some SERIOUS unsteady water so far. Things seem to be turning around (starting with having a computer again!) and I finally have quite a few things to work towards and look forward to!

      I hope that the last three months have brought positive change your way! 🙂


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