Stream of Consciousness 10/05/2017

  1. I just had to double check that I was spelling ‘consciousness’ correctly.
  2. If you’ve ever had the lyrics to “Just A Little Talk With Jesus” stuck in your head, try listening to Sk8er Boi 11 times. It doesn’t work, but a little bit of early 2000s angst is kind of therapeutic.
  3. I don’t remember what it feels like to not be tired.
  4. I missed Survivor this week and somehow it didn’t record. I know that I can stream it, but I don’t remember what it feels like to not be tired.
  5. I’m finalizing my plans and budget for a chicken coop and will have a new flock in the spring. I’m also starting a HUGE garden so that I’ll fulfill my dream of being eligible for
  6. Online dating is the worst. I’ve expressed this before. Still true. Don’t do it.
  7. I’ve been finishing up my Halloween costumes and everyone better just get out of my way because they’re going to SLAY.
  8. I walked into the QT on the way home and the manager shouted, “IT’S THE DONUT LADY!” This is it. I’ve made it. Maybe I’ll finally get verified on Twitter.
  9. I consume SO MUCH coffee on a daily basis that the chances of seeing 30 are getting slimmer and slimmer. I am SO TIRED ALL THE TIME.
  10. I still really, REALLY love my job.
  11. I used to have a copy of The Jerk on DVD and I cannot locate it anywhere. I have been wanting to watch it for a few weeks now because it is the best movie ever and Meemaw has never seen it.
  12. While I didn’t give up on Deep Space Nine, I’ve shelved it for now. I KNOW that it will happen eventually. Trying not to force it.
  13. Boy Meets World IS on Hulu though and while some of the jokes absolutely WOULD NOT WORK in 2017, I cannot help but commend the writers for touching on real issues and talking about them openly.
  14. I keep bleaching my hair and I don’t know why. I’m sort of ready to move on to a funky color, but I also just really like the way it looks right now. I can’t believe my hair has been the same color for almost 4 months.
  15. While I’m not on a diet, I’ve been doing my best to make healthier choices and I officially need to start shopping for new jeans.
  16. I’m still having dreams about eating at IHOP alone. What does it mean? Should I just take myself on an IHOP date to see if something significant happens? Should I avoid pancakes at all costs? Why is my brain so weird?

One thought on “Stream of Consciousness 10/05/2017

  1. 1. You did, of course, but you knew that (at least by the time you hit “publish”) 2. I’m too old to “hear” either of these songs in my head. 3. I kinda do, but I getcha. 4. Sorry? 5. YAY! 6. I won’t, thanks. 7. I’ll stay on my porch and watch your parade from here, if that’s okay. 8. Woo Hoo! 9. Um, wait. Drinking coffee will kill you before your 30th birthday? What if you somehow, oh, I dunno, cut BACK? (It probably IS why you’re always so tired; you’ve grown immune to the positive effects of the caffeine. 10. YAY! 11. It shouldn’t cost TOO dear to replace it. You lent it to someone who REALLY needed to own it more than you did, in the moment. Let it go; replace it; don’t fret. 12. Good Plan. 13. television’s come a long way, Baby. 14. I’m ready to cheer any color you choose, at any time. 15. Woo Hoo! 16. Dunno; yes; no; because.


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